1PR Foot & Heel Peeling Mask (3 units)

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Esfolio Foot & Heel Peeling Mask


-  It is highly moisturizing hand mask that makes up dry hand soft and smooth by a moist moisturizing effect.It is the dual care unique mask that makes your hands lively by adding nutrition and glittery to nail and cuticle. Pampers nails and cuticles, encouraging stronger and healthier nail beds.

How to use

Step1: After cleansing your feet, remove the water.

Step 2: Cut the pouch along the dotted line that contains the contents, open the sheet. 

Step 3: Insert contents by opening foot sheet.

Step 4: After wearing a foot sheet to put the contents on both sides.

Step 5: In approximately 1 hour/1 hour 30 minutes to take a break.

Step 6: Take them off and rinse with water to not have any remaining contents.

Step 7: About 4-6 days later, It begins to peel off dead skin cells.

Step 8: Two weeks later, you will find neat flat feet.


Additional Details

ES-Foot Mask

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